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Job Overview

Department Westport Police Department
TypeEntry Level
Job TitleEntry Level Police Officer
Salary$68,992 to $96,582
Location Westport, CT

Job Prerequisites

Job Announcement

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Entry Level Police Officers


Westport is a waterfront community. Successful applicants will be required to pass a swim test consisting of a 100-yard swim (no time limit), treading water, and object retrieval at an 8-10 foot depth. 

The Westport Police Department does not permit facial piercings to be worn on duty and only female officers are permitted to wear 1 pair of small stud type earrings while on duty. For entry level officers, tattoos may not be visible while in uniform. Cover-ups such as bandages, "tat jackets", etc. are not permitted.


See attached job description


Entry Level officers start at $68,992 with a 6-step pay scale. Top step is $96,582 and is generally reached within 4-5 years.  These figures do not include various incentives paid by the department which include: the Master Officer Program, holiday pay, and weapons qualification pay.  Incentive pay is also given for achieving and maintaining Emergency Medical Technician level certification as well as to those officers who have earned an associate's degree and/or bachelor's degree. 


While Westport may be considered a “bedroom community” we remain a very busy police department, responding to more than 25,000 calls every year. We are close to New York City; we have two Metro-North railroad stations and two major interstate highways (Routes 15 & 95) that pass through our town. Route 1 runs through Westport and is flanked by numerous commercial and retail businesses along its route. 

The 64 sworn officers of the Police Department serve a population of about 27,000 residents, which increases by approximately 8,000 people on weekdays. 

More information about the Department may be found at our website, located at www.westportctpd.org. 


The Westport Police Department holds its officers to the highest moral and ethical standards, beginning with the hiring process. At a minimum, a successful applicant must:

  • Be a United States citizen, age 21 and over;
  • Have earned a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent. An associate's degree or higher or military service is preferred;
  • Officers must reside within 35 miles of the Town of Westport by the time of graduation from the police academy.

The Westport Police Department will not consider an applicant for appointment if they have: 

  • Been convicted of a felony crime or any crime requiring registration per Connecticut state law;
  • Been convicted of any Class A or B Misdemeanor other than minor traffic violation;
  • Committed an act of perjury or provided a false statement;
  • Been arrested for domestic violence or domestic assault;
  • Been dishonorably discharged from the military service;
  • Been terminated for cause from any government agency or department.

The Westport Police Department has a strong drug testing program in place. Use of the following drugs/substances within a 3-year period of the examination date will disqualify an applicant from consideration:

  • Cannabis substances (i.e. marijuana, hashish, hash oil, etc.)

Use of the following drugs at any time will disqualify an applicant from consideration:

  • Any hallucinogens;
  • Any narcotics (i.e. heroin, morphine, opium, methadone, cocaine, etc.);
  • Stimulants or depressants (cocaine, crack, crystal methamphetamine, GHB, ecstasy, etc.);
  • Performance-enhancing steroids.

Applicants employment and military history, driving history, prior criminal activity, truthfulness and character will be factored into all decisions regarding an applicant’s status.


  1. Application via Policeapp.com (online)
  2. CPCA Written Exam (minimum 70% score required)
  3. Physical Assessment (CHIP Test at 40%, must have CHIP card at the time of written exam: www.chip-inc.com )
  4. Oral Interview Panel (minimum 70% score required)
  5. Personal History Questionnaire
  6. Polygraph Examination
  7. Psychological Evaluation
  8. Background Investigation
  9. Physical Exam, Drug Screen, Stress Test
  10. Interview with Chief of Police


Applications must be received by September 16, 2022.




Please direct questions regarding this position to APrezioso@westportct.gov

Jobs close at 11:59 PM (Eastern) on the deadline date specified, or when the position capacity has been met, or unless otherwise specified in the announcement. If the deadline date is not specified in the announcement, the agency has sole discretion on setting the deadline and jobs may close without notice. It is the applicant's responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the deadline requirements and capacity limits as outlined by the agency.

Applicants are responsible for checking their email and logging into their PoliceApp, PublicSafetyApp, FireFighterApp or EmployementApp account to monitor for emails, scheduling and process updates.

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